Graduation Ceremony - Appointment Calendar

Congratulations to you and our other grads and award winners of 2020!

Due to the current pandemic, we are unable to have our traditional graduation ceremony. We do however want to offer you the opportunity to have your diploma and/or award presented to you outdoors in front of E.A. Lovell with some of our staff present. You may invite a few friends and family to come and cheer for you if you wish. Photographs are encouraged! We do ask that you all abide by current COVID-19 protocol though, by wearing your mask and keeping physically distanced.

We will have some parking spaces available at the front of the school so that those of you with your own vehicle can keep warm and dry, in case of inclement weather. We do expect to be going forward with this regardless of the weather – no alternate dates have been scheduled. Please dress appropriately for the weather.

Please choose a date and time from the calendar below for your graduation ceremony.

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